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Understanding the Conference System
Creating/ editing a message/ file/folder
Assigning access rights to your files

   The Bioreactor web pages consist of two frames.  The left hand frame is used for navigation, whilst the right hand fame displays the main interactive pages of the network in a Conference system.
   Information within the Conference system is held within a hierarchical directory structure of folders, messages, files and URL addresses.  Three top level directories (Discussion Group, Project files and Members List) have been established to form the basis of the bioreactor network.  Information can be added to any of these directories by members of the Bioreactor Group.
   Guests are welcome to browse information contained in the network, but you will need to register to become a member of the group if you wish to contribute in any way.  Registered members of the Group will need to Login before making any amendments or additions.
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Login to the network is undertaken directly from the conference system.  Login scripts can be accessed at the bottom of the Discussion Group, Project files or Members List page.  They look like this:

Click on Login and enter your user name and password.  A successful Login will result in the script at the bottom of the screen changing to the following:

If the above scripts do not appear then check the following
1)  that you have entered a correct user name and password
2)  that Cookies are enabled in your browser.
3)  that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
Finally try using a different browser, e.g. Internet Explorer rather than Netscape.

Please remember to LOGOUT when you have finished.
Once you have Logged out, you will need to log in again to re-access the site.  There is a bug in the system that means you will not be able to re-enter as a guest, unless you shutdown and restart your browser.

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Use the registration form to apply for membership of the Landfill Bioreactor Group.  Please provide contact details and enough information to justify your membership (i.e. that you have data/ experience of bioreactors that you are willing to share with the group).  If successful, a personal folder will be created for you in the Members List by the systems administrator.  You will be informed of your user ID and password by e-mail (hopefully within 1 to 2 weeks).  PLEASE remember to change the password allocated to you.  This can be done by clicking on 

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Understanding the Conference System
Navigation within the conference system is fairly intuitive, simply open the relevant folder(s) or file by clicking on the relevant name that will be highlighted as a web link.  To close an object, click the image left of its name.  This will send you to the level above it in the file hierarchy.    If you get lost, use the links in the left hand frame to get back to the top level directory.

    Indicates a message
    Indicates a URL link
     A red triangle to the left of an image (folder) indicates that the content has been changed over the last seven days.
[2]   A number to right of an object ( folder, message, file etc) indicates the number of further objects contained.
    A pen to the right of an object (message, file, URL address etc) indicates that you have some rights to edit the item.   If you are a guest or only have read access  you will not see this symbol.
    A cross to the right of an object indicates you can delete the item.  If you are not the orginal creator (owner) of the item but still have delete rights, it would be polite to ask first.  (NB the system adminstrator, in exercising editorial control, may not always be polite)

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Creating/ editing a message/ file
You can create folders, documents, messages and a few other things. Just click create and you will see your options.  The options available will depend on what part of the system you are in.  For example, you should not be able to create any new items in someone elses personal area in the Members List.
When you create a new item, please check that the access rights have been set correctly.
It is not possible to edit/ change a URL link or file directly.  You will need to delete the item and re-create it with the amended version.

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Assigning access rights to your files
When you create an object (folder, message, file etc) you have the opportunity to set access rights for various categories of users.  There are three categories of interest.  The Owner of a file is the person who created it, and will usually have full access rights.  A Member is a user who belongs to the Landfill Bioreactor Group and a Guest is a guest.
When you create an object or press  the following table will appear.  If the table is filled in with crosses "X" (as below) it means you do not have rights to change access levels - you are probably a Member.  If the Table is filled in with ticks you do have the ability to change access rights in the table - you are probably its Owner.
For new items in the Discussion Group and Project files please set access rights according to the following Table.  For items in your own personal folder in the Members List, you may wish to remove Edit and Create sub-objects rights from Members.
Operation Owner Members Others Guests
Read X X X X
Edit X X
Delete X
Change Access X
Change Status X
Change new objs X
Create sub-objects X X

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Help files need to be useful.  If anything is not clear please e-mail your comments to the Systems administrator (you can use the Contact Administrator button)