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Dear Session Chair

The role of a session chair at this symposium is
very creative. Every session is a journey from
point A to B. It is up to you to
define A and B and make the session work.

For example you set out with defining 3-4
questions that you would want to have
discussed and arrive at some conclusions about,
then you make a profile of what presentations,
discussions or other activities
you would need to acheive it,
finally you arrange for it and lead the event
and report from it in a general session at the
conclusion of the symposium.

Typically you would need to contact some people
to make sure that some aspects are covered,
then you could scout for more
contributions among the submitted abstracts.

So each session is basically a symposium within
the symposium, that´s why I used to call it
symposia instead of symposium.

We will assist you in practical matters,
but the session is your creation.

2000-03-23 Anders Lagerkvist
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