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Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium

Organised by:

Toshihiko Matsuto, Hokkaido University, Japan; Morton Barlaz, North Carolina State University, USA; Anders Lagerkvist, Luleň University, Sweden

The 4th ICLRS was held

June 14th to 16th. 2006.

at Dundret Hotel  north of the Artic circle in Lapland, Sweden.


* Symposium outline

* List of abstracts

* Session reports

Session Chair/s

Fundamentals and new developments in the in-situ aeration of landfills

Marco Ritzkowski and Rainer Stegmann, TU Hamburg Harburg

Microbial Oxidation of Methane in Landfill Covers and Biofilters

Julia Gebert, University of Hamburg

Bioreactor Landfills:  Full-Scale Implementation Issues Debra R. Reinhart, Univ of Centr Florida & Nicole Berge, Tufts University
Movement of Liquids in Refuse and Cover Materials

Paul Imhoff, University of Delaware and Milind Khire, Michigan State University.

Limitation of standard leaching procedure for assessment of redox sensitive element in waste. Hans van der Sloot and Christian Maurice
Landfill stability and sustainability Heijo Scharff, Debra Reinhart, Rainer Stegmann, Richard Beaven, Hans van der Sloot, Morton Barlaz
Landfill process modelling

Jim White and Richard Beaven


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