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Education within Luleå University of Technology The division serves master of science programmes in environmental and chemical engineering as well as civil engineering. The following courses are given at present:
ABA001 Avfallsteknik 5.0/Waste science & technology
ABA002 Teknisk mikrobiologi 5.0/Applied microbiology
ABA003 Upplagsteknik 5.0/Landfill Technology
ABA004 Mekanisk och biologisk avfallsbehandling 5.0/ Mechanical and biological waste treatment
ABA005 Riskbedömning av förorenad mark 5.0/ Risk assessment of polluted soils
ABA007 Avfallsteknik för YH 5.0
ABA008 Upplagsteknik för YH 5.0
ABA009 Kretslopp/Avfall/Miljö, vfu 20.0
ABA010 Behandling och karakterisering av avfall 5.0
ABA011 Uppföljning av verksamhetsförlagd utbildning 5.0
ABA550 Examensarbete 20.0/Master thesis in Waste Science & technology
ABA551 Senior Design Project in Waste Science 5.0
ABA552 Senior Design Project in Waste Science 10.0
ABA553 Senior Design Project in Waste Science 20.0
ABAJ01 Teknik för hållbar resursanvändning 5.0/Sustainable Technology 

Since January 2005 run a two year professional education program in waste engineering called Kretsloppsteknik. This program is designed to provide waste companies with technicians who can independently run some of the more complex operations of modern waste management such as waste treatment processes and landfill gas and leachate systems. The professional role is similar to that of a process engineer, but with special competence in the waste management applications. The programme includes practice periods at waste companies in different parts of Sweden. All students must master Swedish.

Starting in 2007 is a new BSc and MSc program in Natural Resources Engineering (civ ing Naturresursteknik). One of the finishing profiles of this program is Environmental Engineering with a substantial curricula in waste science and technology.

Education given external to Luleå University of Technology The division teaches in courses by other universities and professional organisations. Among the topics we teach about are:

- Waste characterization

- Anaerobic waste treatment

- Landfill emission control


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