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Waste Science & Technology

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General area of research Factors and processes of relevence for the transfer of matter from society to nature, i e waste management.
Research goals To develop solutions and tools for sustainable waste management


Waste treatment
R&D on determing and changing waste properties towards improvements in waste reuse and landfilling while considering both chemical, biological and mechanical processes.
Group leader is Holger Ecke

Landfill Technology

All aspects of landfill technology including landfill siting, design, construction, operation, emission and post closure management.
Group leader is Lale Andreas

Soil Remediation

All aspects of soil remediation involving the indication and mapping of pollution, characterization of pollutants, development of treatment technologies and impact assessment.
Group leader is Christian Maurice

Environmental informatics

Development of information technology tools for waste management problems.
Group leader is Anders Lagerkvist

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