Behandling av organiskt avfall, BOA/ Treatment of organic wastes

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Project acronym BOA
Objectives and approach

The goal of BOA is to develop knowledge needed to create sustainable methods and increase cooperation across borders concerning treatment of biodegradable waste in the northern regions of Sweden and Norway.

Project leader Anders Lagerkvist/Lisa Domeij
Sponsors Interreg III, County administration of Norrbotten, Lapplands Kommunalförbund, Luleå University of Technology, RagnSells, NORUT Teknologi AS, Högskolan i Narvik, Hålogaland Ressursselskap DA, Miljøfor Nord AS,
Perpetuum AS, Salten Forvaltning IKS, Vefas IKS.
Time January 2004. - June  2005.
Expected impacts

-         Establish contacts and expand networks across the national border within the waste sector.

-         Identify the need for and propose co-operative projects to improve the management of organic wastes in the region,  with regard to technical, organisational and competence development aspects.


Project output Project group Participating organizations Announcements last updated: 2005-06-16

Division of Waste Science & Technology,
Luleå University of Technology

 S-971 87 Luleå, Sweden.