Current and recent projects

Division of Waste Science and Technology



Applicability of standard COD analyis for leachate Ended 2000
Coordinated Landfill Gas Project Ended 1997
Centrum for tillämpad geografisk IT, CTgIT on-going
Bottom ash in road construction, BARC on-going
IEA Landfill Gas Activity Ended 1997
Nordic Network on Landfill Energy Technology, NOLET On-going
Marksaneringscentrum Norr, MCN On-going
KY utbildning i kretsloppsteknik Starting 2002
LOLU Local leachate treatment at Umeå Ended 2001
Nordtest method study on LFG emission assessment Ended 1998
Sobacken Project Ended 1997
Physical disruption of landfilled waste Ended 2001
Swedish Landfill Research Symposia Bi-annual
Carbonate stabilisation of alcaline wastes 1999-2000
Winter Cities On-going
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