The Borås Plant at the site of Sobacken.


Improving Anaerobic Digestion (AD) of Source-Sorted Householdwaste

In January 1995 the first Swedish full-scale AD plant for the treatment of source-sorted householdwaste was inaugurated in the municipality of Borås at the site of Sobacken, Sweden. The main goals of AD are as follows: The plant is operated in the two-step anaerobic degradation (TSAAD) mode. For the time being 6'000 t of organic waste are treated annually, which corresponds to about 70% of the capacity.

In co-operation with the plant operator The Landfill Group (later renamed the division of Waste Science & Technology) is performing experiments aiming at the improvement of the process. All factors of investigation are concerning hydrolysis, as there are:

The outcome of this project was published by the Swedish Environment Protection Agency in the spring of 1998. The report "Biologisk avfallsbehandling i Borås", Naturvårdsverket Rapport 4864, can be ordered from Naturvårdsverket Kundtjänst

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